Who invented the pen?

Who first invented pen ?

Moving fast, the important things of old times are also being erased with them. Just as email and social media have reduced the importance of postal facilities, in the same way that education is becoming digital and tablet and keyboard devices are being used in place of copy-pen, pen less importance. Is becoming

Colleges in developed countries are taught almost only with smart devices, but in India, most students still use stationery like copy pens etc. in schools or colleges. Whether it is about schools, college or jobs, pens are always with us.

In today’s time, we mostly use gel pens or ball pens, but you will also remember the pen in which ink had to be filled. This pen used to run a little light and often used to spread ink. In modern times, these pens are used only for some official works, but earlier pens were in circulation here.

Pens are with us at every stage in our lives, whether we are learning to speak in schools or participating in a big exam like UPSC. Have you ever wondered what our life would be like without a pen? Probably a little hard to imagine.

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We use pens so much in our daily work that it is normal for us, but years ago, when ink and peacock feathers or sharp things were used for writing, it was an important invention.

This made the life of the people easy. Do you know who invented the pen ? And when was the pen invented ? If not, read this article completely. In this article, we are going to give you all the information related to the invention of pen.

A pen is a type of device that is used to remove ink (ink) onto paper. With the help of this, we can write any similar surface like paper, cloth etc.

We all remember the answer to this question. We use pens daily. Whether we are making some notes in school, during the lecture in college, drawing on the last page of our notebook or making a list of the items that we bring from the market at home.

A pen is a type of device that is used to remove ink (ink) onto paper. On the front of the pen is a pointed nostril, in which there is a very small hole. This hole serves to remove the bluish filled paper inside the pen.

If there is a gel pen, it takes a little time to dry after removing the stuffed paper inside the paper and if there is a ball pen, then the shyness instantly becomes dry. If it is the same fountain pen, it takes a little more time to dry after removing it in the paper.

We currently use stylus for ballpoint pens, rollerball pens, fountain pens, felt tip pens, gel pens and digital products such as tablets, smartphones and touch screen laptops. These are common pens used today, but before that, deep pens, ink brush pens, quails and spine pens were used for writing.

This type of historical pennon is dipped in the dark and put on paper or clothes. In some cultures there was also the practice of writing on big leaves such as sugarcane leaves. The quill was a type of feather coat that was immersed in the dark and later that paper was put on paper.

The same reed pen was a sharp pen made by cutting ridges or bamboos etc. The ink bush was a large pen which was thick and hollow from the back. In this thick and hollow part, the incantation was filled. It was also a traditional pen which is found in many places even today. After this, a deep pen was started in which the blackhead was filled and later that paper was put on paper.

Who invented the pen?
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Like any other great invention, the invention of pen cannot be attributed to any one person. The modern pen began with the invention of the fountain pen, which is attributed to the French inventor Petrache Poenaru ( Petrache Poenaru).

But the most important ball point pen in the field is considered to be the invention. The ball point pen invention is credited to 2 individuals, the first of which was John J. Loud (John Jacob Loud) and the second is László Bíró . But the invention of the ballpoint pen (ball pen) is mainly attributed to John Jacob Loud.

The idea of ​​making a ball pen came to John when he was working on leather items. The way the tailor has to mark the cloth repeatedly while sewing, in the same way John had to mark it repeatedly to cut the leather, but it was a bit difficult with the fountain pen and pencil present at that time.

It was from here on June that the idea of ​​making such a pen came to help them in this work. After this idea, he made a pen whose knock was shaped like a small bolt of metal. Sockets were also used to keep some of the bolts in place.

When was the pen invented?
If an exact answer to this question is sought then it will be a bit difficult to answer because people used to do writing work even before the invention of modern pens i.e. fountain pens and ball point pens.

But if we talk about the invention of modern pens, then John Jacob Loud invented ball point pens in 1988. The French inventor Petrache Poenaru has received patents for the invention of the fountain pen. He invented the fountain pen on 25 May 1857. The modern pens that we have today have become possible only due to these inventions.

History of the invention of pen
The modern ballpoint pens that we have today were not invented much earlier. But pencil and fountain pens have been invented before the invention of this pen. If we look at the history of the pen, then Shayahi cannot be left behind.

Shyahi has been used for years. According to the present information, the first writing ink was invented by the Egyptians and the Chinese. According to belief, this ink was invented by mixing carbon with gum. Before use, this ink was immersed in water and later it was applied on the skin of paper, clothes or animals with any sharp thing.

That is, since ancient times, people had the use of the dark and the way to use it. Gradually the writing work continued to grow and development was done in this field. People started using Quill to accurately roll the paper onto paper or cloth, and then came a reed pen made of bamboo.

After this, the technology progressed a bit and ink bush pens were used which used to have royal angel behind it and had a nautch in front of it. It was invented nad deep pen which was even better and accurate. Since then modern pens such as fountain pens, gel pens and ballpoint pens were invented.

Who invented the fountain pen and when?
Fountain pens were invented by Petrache Poenaru in 1827.

Who invented the ball pen and when?
The invention of the ball pen John J Loud. It was done in the year 1888.

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I hope I gave you complete information about who invented the pen and I hope you have got information about when the pen was invented.

If you have any doubts about this article or you want that there should be some improvement in it, then for this you can write low comments. With these ideas, you will get a chance to learn something and improve something.

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