Typing Speed ​​Kaise Badhaye? – This is the best way to increase the typing speed of English!

Today, every work has become computer based. Most of the work is done on computer and laptop and if it comes to doing job in a company, then firstly your computer knowledge is seen there as well as Typing Speed ​​because if Typing will be fast, then the job is completed in a short time. can go. If you also want to increase your Typing Speed, then today’s post Typing Speed ​​Kaise Fast Kare will help you a lot.
For Job computer with knowledge of the Typing Speed is also important that all Companies is seen to Apply for jobs. Typing test is also taken in many companies. If you are a company content writer means the author is your typing speed to be very good so next we are going to tell you Typing Speed Fast Karne Ka Tarika that allows you to increase the speed of your typing.

Typing Speed ​​Kaise Badhaye

Next we will tell you such best Typing Speed ​​Badhane Ke Tarike. With which Improvement will be visible in your Typing Speed ​​in no time.\


Chat on social media sites
Facebook and WhatsApp are being used by everyone nowadays. If you use these social sites in your computer, then this will also increase your typing speed. Type the message while looking at the screen . See the keyboard only when it is necessary. This is also a better way of Typing Speed ​​Badhane Ke Liye.

Understand technology
There is also a process of typing on a computer . In which 80% technique, 10% speed and 10% accuracy is used, how to keep hands, learn to focus on the position of the hands. This process is most important to increase typing speed.

Remember the keys of the keyboard
Memorizing Keyboard Keys is also a way to increase typing speed. Have a good understanding of the keyboard which key is where. Add each key to your mind . Remember all the buttons on the keyboard. You can also take help of someone for this. Take the help of your friends and ask them to ask and you tell them the location.

Typing Speed ​​Kaise Improve Kare
We will now tell you about a website that will help increase your typing speed.

Typing Test

This is the best website to increase typing speed. You can also do online typing test on this .

  • Go To Website – You have to go to its website www.typingtest.com.
  • Set Timer – As soon as you reach the site, set the time according to it.
  • Select Option – Now select any one option for typing.
  • Tap On Start Typing Test – Click on “Start Typing Test”.
  • Start Typing – After this, a page will open in front of you, start online typing test here.

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